24-25 Oct 2019 Toulouse (France)

Robotics in the 3IA Prairie and Aniti

Robotics is one of the ultimate challenge for artificial intelligence. It encompasses many open challenges: computer vision, human-machine interface, reinforcement learning, control, etc. into a physical plateform where failure is, very often, not an option.

The objectives of these two days is to discuss how this challenge is explored inside the two institutes Prairie and Aniti. By emphasizing existing collaborations and synergies, we have the ambition to share our knowledge, discuss the various research directions explored by our teams and see how the experimental work can be mutualized.

The first day will present an overview of the activities in robotics in our two institutes and three labs. Demonstrations of the experimental platforms at LAAS-CNRS will ground the discussions to the practical objectives. The second days will bring us in deeper and more technical discussions.

Program committee

  • Nicolas Mansard, LAAS-CNRS
  • Justin Carpentier, INRIA Paris
  • Jean-Paul Laumond, INRIA Paris / CNRS


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